The Nightmare Continues

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Pesky Gremlins Comic 796 – The Nightmare Continues

The Nightmare Continues

Snafu's nightmare of discovery grows even worse when he finds that one of his crowning achievements has been repaired.

FYI, Real E-types were well known for their numerous leaks and the degree of difficulty associated with fixing those leaks.  It is no wonder that Snafu is a little upset.

Come and see the Pesky Gremlins Corvette Illustration Gallery!

The classic Corvette that inhabits the gremlin’s garage has often been the focus of he gremlin’s attention and has appeared numerous times. Now you can see many of those Corvette illustration in one place. There are also a few new illustration, too.

Follow the link below to see the Corvette Illustartion Gallery.

Corvette Illustration Gallery

See the Pesky Gremlins Jaguar E-type Illustration Gallery!

Jaguar E-type Gallery

The E-type that resides in the gremlins garage has been drawn, inked, painted, and rendered many times over the course of the Pesky Gremlins Comic strip.  Here is a collection of those Jaguar E-type illustrations that have appeared over the run of the strip.  There also a few new and previously unpublished illustrations!

Follow the link below to view the Jaguar E-type Illustration Gallery.

Jaguar E-type Illustration Gallery