Here is a collection of the Corvette illustrations that have appeared in Pesky Gremlins. The Corvette gallery will be updated as new illustrations are created.

4 thoughts on “Corvette

  1. Very nice work Harold. My favourite’s the racing car one. I noticed that one has chocolate leaking from underneath it. I can come eat errr… I mean clean that up for you if you want.

    1. Thanks Tony! The racing Corvette is a Grand Sport Corvette and it is also my favorite of the collection. I don’t thing that one has been posted on the internet before. A car leaking wasn’t leaking chocolate, it was motor oil and was a real mess to clean up. Although, an engine filled with chocolate syrup would be something that the gremlins would do.

  2. Those are some great drawings & renderings of the Vette, as well! The garage ones with all the props look very realistic. And I especially like the Grand Sport one!

    1. Thanks! The garage images, with all of the clutter, are huge memory hogs and blow out my computer if run all at once. Those images are composites and consist of 4 or more image runs.

      The Grand Sport Corvette is an old fashioned illustration. No CGI in that one.

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