Jaguar E-type

Here is a collection of the Jaguar E-type illustrations that have appeared in the Pesky Gremlins Comic. The gallery contains a variety of different types of illustrations including inks, color, computer renderings, and combinations of all of those. Click on the images to see a larger version.

4 thoughts on “Jaguar E-type

  1. That’s a lot of great drawings and renderings! The 3D models are superb, but I stilll prefer your hand-drawn ones.

    1. Thanks Binky (Peter)! I have done a lot of different illustrations of the gremlin’s Jaguar over the years. I tend to like the hand-drawn ones better as well but they take SO much time to do. Since the cars are usually just background elements, it makes more sense to have the computer draw them and it only takes 5 minutes.

      1. Yes, once you’ve invested the time to make the 3D model, you can render it from any angle and perspective with very little effort.

        1. The 3D models take a lot of time to build and color but they are great once they are done. You just have to move the camera and punch the render button!

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