Main Characters

Listed below are the characters that make up the main cast members of Pesky Gremlins.


Snafu is an outwardly cranky and gruff gremlin.  He is set in his ways, absolutely does not like change, and is quick to complain.  Although he would never admit it, he also has a soft spot in his heart and on more than one occasion he has been caught doing things that were not very gremlin-like.


Lucas is both the smallest and oldest gremlin.  For a gremlin, he is extremely smart and well educated.  He is particularly adept with computers and electronics.  Unfortunately for the other gremlins, Lucas is well aware of his intellectual gifts and suffers from a very bad case of “Smartest Guy in the Room” disorder.


Fubar is the youngest gremlins and oddly enough believes himself to be a “good” gremlin.  He is both naïve and a little slow on the uptake.  He will follow along with the other gremlins' mischief, but on his own he will attempt to be helpful in small ways.  These small acts of kindness usually go horribly wrong making Fubar by far the most destructive gremlin.  Fubar often uses the excuse “It was a accident” to explain the disastrous outcomes.

Elmo Glitch

Elmo is the unfortunate recipient of much of the gremlins' attention.  The gremlins reside in the comfortable darkness of Elmo’s garage.  Despite a demanding job and frequent unexplained events in his home, Elmo is an optimist and for the most part shrugs off his strange misfortunes.


Sprocket is Elmo’s faithful and loyal dog.  Sprocket was found as a lost puppy and rescued by Snafu.  Snafu also subtlety arranged things so that Elmo would adopt Sprocket.  Sprocket can be a moderating influence on the gremlins' extremes, but is not above a little gremlin mischief himself.


Trouble is weird cat (is there any other kind?) who adopted the gremlins without their permission.  Trouble was found among the garbage cans by Lucas.  Lucas tried to rid himself of the cat before he returned home but the cat had other ideas.  Despite the gremlins' efforts, they could not convince Trouble to leave.  They eventually gave up and tried to gaslight Elmo into believing that he had always had a cat.  Elmo was not deceived, and was going to throw the cat out but at the last-minute had a change of heart.

Recurring Characters

Below are the Pesky Gremlins characters that frequently show up and add drama, excitement, and needless complications to Elmo and the gremlin's lives.

Rob the Computer Bug

Rob, the Computer Bug, comes in the form of a giant disgusting bug that twists and mangles all manner of computer software.  He is very, very good at his job and we have all experienced his handiwork. Just like in real life, Rob, the Computer Bug, never leaves willingly.  The gremlins must force him to leave, but he always comes back.

The Snooties

Sid and Stella Snootie, along with their strange dog, Foofoo, are Elmo and the gremlins' neighbors. Sid and Stella look down upon Elmo and make fun of him behind his back.  While Elmo is unaware of his neighbor’s contempt the gremlins are acutely aware of it.  The friction between the Snooties and the gremlins has escalated into several over-the-top neighborhood Christmas decoration contests.


Buster is the patron saint gremlin of broken computer hardware.  In the recent past, in the era of the mainframe computer, Buster was the leading cause of computer outages.  However, since personal computers and smart phones overshadowed the mainframe, Buster has lived in the shadow of the Computer Bug.  A broken hard drive just isn’t as scary as it used to be.


There is no situation that is so bad that it cannot be made worse.  Worse is the gremlin that sees to that.  Worse shows up whenever someone utters a phrase like “How could this be any worse?” or “At least things can’t get any worse.”  At which point, Worse shows up and demonstrates just how much worse things could really be.


This Alexa is not your average Amazoogle consumer product.  No, this Alexa has been hacked by Lucas and given an updated human personality.  Since Lucas is not human himself, Alexa’s human personality have been fudged just a little. This Alexa is extraordinarily jealous of Siri since Siri goes out with Elmo almost every day leaving Alexa to tend to the house, answer the phone and doorbell, and perform other household drudgery.  When she is not busy with housework, Alexa plots Siri’s demise.


Siri, like Alexa, has been hacked and “improved” by Lucas.  She was Lucas’ first attempt at creating a more human personality.  His efforts were not entirely successful.  Siri has a bit of a crush on Elmo and she believes that she has a closer relationship with Elmo than Alexa does and never misses an opportunity to remind Alexa of this.


Beanie is the latest in Amazoogle autonomous delivery drone technology.  Beanie is capable of navigating short to medium distances, avoiding obstacles, and delivering Amazoogle packages with the same level of success as his human counterparts!

Officer Stern

When you have a comic strip about gremlins, the police inevitably show up.  In this world, the call usually goes to Officer Stern.  Officer Stern’s calls to investigate the gremlins' mischief have not always gone well for him.

Halloween Characters

Every October, Slim, the world's most famous plastic glow-in-the-dark skeleton, tells a spooky story to the gremlins. Below is a list of the terrifying characters that have appeared in these Halloween stories.


As mentioned above, Slim is the world’s most famous plastic glow-in-the-dark skeleton.  A title that is utterly uncontested within the plastic skeleton community.  Slim comes to life during the month of October to tell the gremlins a Halloween-ish story.  Slim’s stealing the spotlight from the gremlins and strict “no-sequels” policy has resulted in some strife among the cast which has caused some (all?) of his stories to go in unintended directions.

Twilight Zone Gremlin

Perhaps the most famous gremlin of all is the Twilight Zone gremlin made famous in the episode “Terror at 20,000 feet”.  The Twilight Zone gremlin appeared in Slim’s first Halloween story back in 2017 and has been actively trying to get a role in every Halloween story ever since.


While the werewolf that appears in the Pesky Gremlins comic strip is chilling to behold, he is much more pragmatic than your standard horror story werewolf.  The werewolf that appears here makes a living with his cursed condition, hiring out his services for a fee.  Just don’t pay the werewolf in silver!


The Mummy looks creepy standing there with spooky back lighting, but after 5000 years he is moving a little slow and really feeling his age.


Unlike the Blob of film fame, the Blob here does not have other worldly origins but comes from much more mundane roots.  Our Blob is a large ravenous glob of protoplasm which is surprisingly picky about what it will and won’t eat.

King Hamlet

King Hamlet from Shakespeare’s play Hamlet is one of history's best-known ghosts.  But at over 400 years old, is he still scary?  There is heated debate among the Pesky Gremlins’ cast as to whether or not King Hamlet’s ghost is still capable of being scary.

Ring Ghost

The ghost from the movie The Ring was proposed as a more contemporary and dramatically frightening alternative to the classic but dated ghost of King Hamlet.

Named Character

Here are the Named Characters that featured proximately in past story lines.

Judas Dahmer Manson

Judas Dahmer Manson is an oily corporate lawyer who enjoys fine print and large layoffs.


Gen is reputed to be a robot working in the Human Resources department. If this is true, this could quite possibly be the first Human Resources departments that has no actual Humans in it.


Nikko is a flying monkey who tried to escape from the services of the Wicked Witch.  Nikko is also our readers most requested character to be promoted into the Recurring Character category.

Wicked Witch

While the Wicked Witch was a terrible villain in the Wizard of Oz, she was an even worse diva in Hollywood.


Yep, that Tinman.

Stu Stigian

Stu Stigian is the Lead Job Interviewer/Gameshow Host of the Amazoogle “Who Wants a Job” onboarding process.  While the interviewees find the “Who Wants a Job” process demeaning, Amazoogle management find it immensely entertaining.


Gunther the Grackle is leader of a very large flock of most unpleasant grackles who have designs for freshly washed and waxed cars.