The Pesky Gremlins Assorted Vehicles Illustration Gallery is now open.

assorted vehicles illustration gallery

The assorted vehicles illustration gallery contains a large selection of vehicles that have appeared over the years in the Pesky Gremlins comic. There are cars, trucks, and even a train. The illustrations are also done in a variety of different styles including ink, color, and computer rendering.

Follow the link below to see the Assorted Vehicles Illustration Gallery.

Assorted Vehicles Illustration Gallery

See the Pesky Gremlins AMC Gremlin Illustration Gallery!

While the AMC Gremlin doesn’t usually reside in the gremlin’s garage, its close proximity setting in the driveway assures that gremlins will not let it escape their attention. See the AMC Gremlin illustrations in ink, color, and computer renderings.

Follow the link below to see the AMC Gremlin Illustration Gallery.

AMC Gremlin Illustration Gallery

Come and see the Pesky Gremlins Corvette Illustration Gallery!

The classic Corvette that inhabits the gremlin’s garage has often been the focus of he gremlin’s attention and has appeared numerous times. Now you can see many of those Corvette illustration in one place. There are also a few new illustration, too.

Follow the link below to see the Corvette Illustartion Gallery.

Corvette Illustration Gallery

See the Pesky Gremlins Jaguar E-type Illustration Gallery!

Jaguar E-type Gallery

The E-type that resides in the gremlins garage has been drawn, inked, painted, and rendered many times over the course of the Pesky Gremlins Comic strip.  Here is a collection of those Jaguar E-type illustrations that have appeared over the run of the strip.  There also a few new and previously unpublished illustrations!

Follow the link below to view the Jaguar E-type Illustration Gallery.

Jaguar E-type Illustration Gallery