Pesky Gremlins Comic – Backgrounds: WWI Aircraft Adversaries

Backgrounds: WWI Aircraft Adversaries

Filling the skies with bad guys was quite a challenge for the WWI series.  I drew and colored TONS of WWI aircraft.  Looking through the archive on my hard drive, there were close to 100 adversarial biplanes.  No wonder I felt a little drained when this series was done.  Many of these came straight from the history books.  Those wacky Germans had some eye-popping paint schemes on their airplanes!

Of course, I had to include the Red Baron’s Fokker DR1 Triplane

Red Baron's Fokker Dr.I WWI

The pink and green camouflage on the Rumpler Observation plane below was actually used. I did not make it up.

Rumpler Observation biplane WWI

Rumpler Observation biplane WWI

The striped Albatross was my favorite plane from the series.

Albatross biplane WWI

The strange colored pattern on the wings of these planes was also another real camouflage pattern. I felt compelled to include that pattern and had a tough time figuring out how to do it.

Albatross biplane WWI

This was a later model Fokker D7. I don’t think there was a real one painted purple but you never know.

Fokker D7 biplane WWI

Later in this series, I started doing the biplanes three at a time.

German World War I WWI fighter profiles

WWI toy biplanes

2 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic – Backgrounds: WWI Aircraft Adversaries

  1. Those camouflage patterns look like they came from the 70’s.

    1. I know! But I really found almost all of that color and camouflage patterns in the history books. It make the cartoon part so easy.

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