Pesky Gremlins Comic 725 – Tool of the Trade

Tool of the Trade

Rising to the challenge of “How could this be worse?” isn’t always easy.  That is why the gremlin, Worse, always brings the right tool for the job.

Last week I showed the first shot of Elmo’s house.  It had just been started and wasn’t much more than a floor plan with some walls.  Since then, the house has been completed.

For reference, here is how it appeared originally:

Elmo's house cartoon

…and here is in CGI form:

Elmo's house render

I had to stretch the floor plan some in order to accommodate some of the interior rooms. The house isn’t really meant to be used for interior shots, but it does have a minimal interior.

One of the neat things that can be done with this scene is to change the seasons.  Here is the house with a green lawn as it would appear during Spring and Summer:

Elmo's house render

The scene can even change the time of day! Here it is at Sunset:

Elmo's house render

There is also a fenced-in backyard with a porch:

Elmo's house render

Of course the scene would not be complete without the driveway and Elmo’s (other) Gremlin. Elmo's house render Also got a little more work done on the Snafu 3D model.

Snafu in Progress Render

Snafu looks kind of empty-headed without his eyes.

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