It’s Worse

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Pesky Gremlins Comic 724 – It’s Worse

It’s Worse

While hiding, Snafu tries to quietly explain to a skeptical Sprocket the gravity of the gremlin Worse’s appearance.

Several weeks ago, I outlined the scenes and characters that I was planning to build with the 3D program, Blender.  Here an update to that list.


Elmo’s Garage: The garage is the scene that I started with and it is finished.  …Or as finished as something like this is likely to get.  It has been appearing regularly as a background but it gets a few small changes every time that I use it.

garage corvette jaguar cartoon render

Elmo’s TV & Stereo (Entertainment Room):  All of the models have been collected for this room.  Need to draw up a floor plan and then it will be a quick matter of simply placing the items.  The cabling mess that I envision behind the TV and stereo equipment might be somewhat of a challenge.

Computer Desk: Most of the models for this area have been collected.   Still need to find a good chair.

Kitchen: The Kitchen is also finished.  Here is a picture of how the kitchen appeared in the strip several years ago:

kitchen cartoon

It was kind of a time-consuming effort to draw all of the cabinets and kitchen furnishings.  Which is why the gremlins didn’t often venture into the kitchen.

…and here is the CGI version of the kitchen as it now appears.

kitchen render

Here are a couple of other in-progress shots of the kitchen. kitchen render kitchen render

Elmo’s House-Exterior: Elmo’s house has been started and is coming along well. I thought I had everything that I needed for the scene, but as it turns out, there are a few items that I am missing (like porch lights). Here is how Elmo’s house is supposed to look Elmo's house cartoon …and here is an in-progress shot of Elmo’s house in-progress.

Elmo's house in progress Render

Obviously, it still needs LOTS of work.


Lucas: The Lucas poseable 3D model is about as good as I can make it at this time.  It isn’t perfect, but it is much better now that it has been reworked several times.

Lucas Render

Snafu: Snafu has been started and is coming along. The initial mesh (aka skin) has been completed but will probably take lots of tweaks to get it to look and operate correctly. Here is a shot of Snafu being modelled:

Snafu animated 3d model

Fubar:  Fubar has also been started but is not nearly as far along as the Snafu model.

Elmo: Not started.  Need to figure out how to do the wrinkly clothes thing.

Sprocket, the Dog: Not started

Trouble, the Cat: Not started

The scenes should be completed by the end of this month.  However, the characters, especially Elmo, will take more time.

4 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 724 – It’s Worse

  1. Worse is never worse until Worse shows up.

    Your scene sets are coming along nicely. Even a hi-tech TV fridge! (The Gremlins could have lots of fun with that) The sets are also pretty faithful to your original drawings.

    1. I wish I had thought of that. That would be a great line to use in this story.

      The scenes are coming along well and much quicker. The hi-tech fridge is there from last year’s Siri-Alexa story. The sets are based on drawing that have appeared in the past and usually have elements (patterns and textures) that find their way into the scenes.

  2. Maybe we’ll get lucky and see his good side!

    1. Maybe, but that might take some time to find.

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