Pesky Gremlins Comic 726 – Amazing Resemblance

Amazing Resemblance

Sprocket makes an interesting observation concerning the gremlin Worse.  Despite his reservation about such an observation, Snafu is compelled to agree.

…and just to underscore Sprocket’s insight, here is a bonus frame that clearly proves Sprocket’s point:

Gremlin Worse v Bad Avocado

I have been out of town this week, so not much progress has been made on the other 3D projects. However, since there is a completed 3D model of Lucas, here a few things that can be done once a 3D model has been created:

  • Pose the 3D Character

Obviously, this was the main reason the characters are being created.  Originally, I just wanted a poseable model so that I could draw the characters in positions that I could not visualize very well.  But, along the way, I learned that I could Blender to do the inking and painting of the characters, too.

Lucas Render

Lucas Render Lucas Render

  • Print the 3D Character

Getting a 3D printed character was not part of the plan while building the 3D characters.  But, when Peter Marinacci, creator of Wombania, offered to print a copy of Lucas on his 3D printer, I jumped at the chance.  Thanks Peter!

Lucas 3d print

  • Animate the 3D Character

Animating the gremlins has always been something that I have been interested in but never had any real plans to pursue it.  However, after creating the 3D version of Lucas, I was curious as to how much effort would be required to bring him to life.  As it turns out, it is kind of a lot of effort and requires learning some additional skills.  However, there is a shortcut.  It is called motion capture and all that is require is to match you characters skeleton to the motion capture skeleton (retargeting).  There are a number of free motion capture animations available for free (and of course, for fee).  This is 5 seconds of Lucas walking – simple stuff, but it took many hours of CPU time to complete.



6 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 726 – Amazing Resemblance

  1. An avocado gone bad, or an avocado gone worse?

    I’d love to see Lucas walking, but unfortunately that video would not play for me.

    1. An avocado gone worse does seem to be more accurate. 🙂

      Sorry about the video. 🙁

      1. I was able to see in in Chrome. That’s really good! Better than any animation I’ve ever done.

        1. Excellent! I am glad that you were able to see the little video. 🙂
          Thanks, but it was just a quick test shot. I haven’t really figured out animation.

  2. It’s the brown spots!

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