Pesky Gremlins Comic 433 – Under the Bus, Again

Under the Bus Again

As the familiar character continues his own search, the werewolf, once again, encounters difficulties with public transportation.


The Invisible Monster makes another appearance as he wanders through the jungle of the small tropical island that he inhabits. From Jonny Quest episode 20 – “The Invisible Monster”

Jonny Quest The Invisible Monster jungle

12 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 433 – Under the Bus, Again

  1. That may be a good thing! 😉

  2. The bus saves the day again!

    1. Looks like Lucas has a guardian bus driver.

  3. The Express strikes again! Reminds me of a line in the new “Ghostbusters” movie; “Well, I guess he’s goin’ to Queens!”

    1. One of the better scenes from a “meh” movie.

  4. Godspeed, Linus! I always wished they’d do any episode where he actually meets the Great Pumpkin.
    And shame on you, Lucas, for going off script! XD

    1. We wish Linus the best in his 50+ year search for The Great Pumpkin. But, seriously, he won’t find The Great Pumpkin here.

      And.. it’s not just Lucas who is off script. The werewolf was supposed to be in hot pursuit by now.

  5. Man, that bus is really ruining things.

    1. That bus and it’s driver seem to be purposefully messing up Slim’s story!

  6. That bus must be out of a Steven King story. It has a mind of it’s own.

    1. There just might be someone with a score to settle driving that bus.

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