INKTOBER for Saturday, October 27

INKTOBER October 27

Here is my favorite Mummy image.  During the Jonny Quest episode, a very similiar images flashes across the TV screen for just a moment, giving only a glimpse of the Mummy.  So, here is that same image, in ink, for a longer viewing.  From Jonny Quest, episode 3 – “The Curse of Anubis”.

4 thoughts on “INKTOBER for Saturday, October 27

  1. All of your inktobers are so fantastic! I’ve recognized each one from the series.

    1. Thank you RG. That was exactly what I was going for with the Inktobers. Easily recognizable scenes from the original Jonny Quest series but just a little different. I truly appreciate your comment! 🙂

  2. I like your stippling of the landscape.

    1. Thanks! The stippling was rather time consuming but it did give the impression of sand.

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