See the Pesky Gremlins Jaguar E-type Illustration Gallery!

Jaguar E-type Gallery

The E-type that resides in the gremlins garage has been drawn, inked, painted, and rendered many times over the course of the Pesky Gremlins Comic strip.  Here is a collection of those Jaguar E-type illustrations that have appeared over the run of the strip.  There also a few new and previously unpublished illustrations!

Follow the link below to view the Jaguar E-type Illustration Gallery.

Jaguar E-type Illustration Gallery

4 thoughts on “See the Pesky Gremlins Jaguar E-type Illustration Gallery!

  1. I loved the E-Type when they were around back in the day. I also liked the Datsun 240/260Z which was modelled off the E-Type design.

    1. Obviously, the E-type is one of my favorite cars, too. You just don’t see them OR the Datsun 240/260Z on the roads anymore.

  2. The XKE is still one of the best looking cars ever made, 60 years later. The design has not aged at all.

    1. The XKE looks great at 60 years old! It is also one of those designs that looks great with and without a top.

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