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Pesky Gremlins Comic 616 – After Action

After Action

Inside his crushed box, Snafu ruminates on the fate of his zeppelin, story, and formerly grand box.  …and, perhaps, setting up for a sequel?

Today’s web page bonus is reach back in history.  Not only is the subject, a Bristol Boxkite circa 1911, a historic aircraft.  It is also probably the first aircraft that I drew for the gremlins.  For a drawing that was done almost 6 years ago, this one manages to still look pretty good.  I cannot say that for much of the stuff that was done back then.

Bristol Boxkite ink

6 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 616 – After Action

  1. Coming soon: Revenge of the Zeppelin!

    That is a very detailed drawing of the plane!

    1. It will be some time before a sequel appears. All those airplanes are a LOT of extra work!

      Thanks Binky! The Boxkite is another one that gives the impression of lots of detail. Probably due to all the exposed elements. It was easy to draw as it was just a bunch of rectangles and triangles with a few circles thrown in.

  2. And a beautiful sunset it is.

    1. I image that it is stunning.

  3. Back to the evil lair, and the drawing board.

    1. …and some major script revisions!

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