The Inevitable End

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Pesky Gremlins Comic 615 – The Inevitable End

The Inevitable End

The Fearless Flyer in his trusty biplane flees the inevitable end of Count Cordovan’s doomed zeppelin.  Theses days, most action stories end with an earth shaking explosion, so why should this story be any different?

The web page bonus image for today, is the tricked out scooter that the gremlins provided the shambling mummy.  This was a thoughtful yet insulting gesture on the gremlins part.  However, the mummy eventually grew to enjoy his vastly improved mobility.


6 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 615 – The Inevitable End

  1. No Gremlins, cats, or birds were harmed in this earth-shaking finale!

    That’s a nice scooter, but it definitely needs a rocket booster to go along with its fins.

    1. Absolutely noting was harmed as all of it was imaginary.

      A JATO (Jet-assisted takeoff) rocket would be a sweet addition.

  2. Thank goodness for stunt squirrels!

    1. Stunt squirrels are difficult to work with. We had to shoot this scene several times because the squirrel kept trying to gather nuts as he flew through the trees.

  3. Kitty Cat would like a bit of poultry, thank you!

    1. For your average cat, a bird that close is just too tempting to overlook.

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