The Bigger They Are

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Pesky Gremlins Comic 606 – The Bigger They Are

The Bigger They Are

In a David and Goliath moment, the heretofore sleeping cat stalks what might be his biggest catch ever.

Today’s web page bonus is the Gremlins very first box fantasy.  This is one of the very first actual Pesky Gremlins cartoons but it has never appeared ON the Pesky Gremlins’ website (until now).  I recall this particular cartoon took what seemed like forever to draw.  It literally took me days to do this.  Which is just one reason why I didn’t start the Pesky Gremlins cartoon in earnest for another two years after this was done.

first box cartoon ink

8 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 606 – The Bigger They Are

  1. In a cat vs balloon fight, I’ll vote for the cat.

    That early cartoon is great! I didn’t know you had the Gremlins cartoon in pre-development for so long.

    1. In a typical cat vs balloon fight, I would agree. But this isn’t your typical balloon.

      Thanks for the kind words on the old cartoon. Although, pre-development would imply that I was actually working on it back then. I think “languish” would be more accurate 🙂 .

  2. Things are gonna happen now! (Claws)

    1. As you have anticipated, that claws will be coming out!

  3. Beware the pounce!

    Folks don’t realize that one of the things we have to learn (as cartoonists) is speed. I’m still working on that myself.

    1. The cat might just mount a decent rear defense, yet.

      Very true RG! Back when I did that older cartoon, I was under the impression that cartoonist could crank out a cartoon in a few minutes. In doing that cartoon, I learned that I grossly under estimated how much time it takes to write, draw, color, and post a cartoon.

  4. Cat with sharp claws vs big inflatable balloon thingy. My money’s on the cat.
    When I was a kid box fantasies were a regular thing on rainy days when we couldn’t play outside. Mine were mostly racing cars & space ships. I would also use a large pot lid for a steering wheel & sit at my bedroom window & pretend I was driving a truck

    1. The smart money would go with the cat.

      When we were kids, we did the same thing. The boxes were race cars, airplanes, spaceships, submarines, and if flipped upside down, tanks. We would make up goofy stories, much like this one, too. Although, we never came up with the brilliant idea of accessorizing with large pot lids.

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