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Pesky Gremlins Comic 343 – Misunderstandings


Snafu’s new dog thinks he is playing with Lucas as Lucas flees for what he thinks is his life.  Meanwhile, Snafu explains the origin of Lucas’ fear of dogs.

10 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 343 – Misunderstandings

  1. Most werewolves are probably not a lot of fun.

    1. No, I would expect not. When I was little kid, I found werewolves to be the scariest of all the monsters.

  2. Werewolf ??? There Wolf !! – Young Frankenstein by Mel Brooks

    1. Now, I am gonna have to dig out my copy of Young Frankenstein and see it again…

  3. Now that sounds fun! 😉

    1. You mean seeing Young Frankenstein not being chased by a werewolf?

  4. Heheheheheheheheh! Good dawg is having way too much fun! 😆

    1. He is enjoying the chase!

  5. Puppy is enjoying himself a little too much, lol!

    1. Lucas doesn’t seem to realize that the more he runs, the more the puppy enjoys it.

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