Meet the Family II

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Pesky Gremlins Comic 342 – Meet the Family II

Meet the Family II

Lucas’ meeting with Snafu’s new puppy, due to a previous unpleasant experience, does not go as well has hoped.

13 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 342 – Meet the Family II

  1. Haha, he’s got your back!

    1. Gotta keep an eye on that one!

  2. The problem with some phobias, is that they are self reinforcing. That is, exposure (however minute) only increases the anxiety. Hope this isn’t the case with Lucas. ?

    1. Lucas had a bad experience a long time ago and as a result is afraid of dogs. We will learn a little more about Lucas fear of canines in the next couple of strips 🙂

  3. Nice puppy . . .

    1. He is a nice puppy. Quick, Agile, but nice 🙂

  4. That dog is a natural born gremlin for sure.

    1. To the pup, its all just play 🙂

  5. The cold nose sniff?

    1. Ha! Something like that. Mostly just Lucas’ fear of dogs

  6. Maybe it was his cold nose? 🙂

    1. Oops, looks like I’m late to the party with the cold nose theory, lol!

      1. It no longer just a theory 🙂

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