Abuser Preference

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Pesky Gremlins Comic 278 – Abuser Preference

Abuser Preference

No one should ever trust a gremlin.  Not even another gremlin.

We also learn that Elmo has perhaps the ugliest luggage ever to appear in a webcomic.  Plaid?  Really?

8 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 278 – Abuser Preference

  1. Better hope they don’t search his luggage.

    1. If they search his luggage, they may be in for a big surprise.

  2. Some pleasantly plump TSA lady is going to get an early holiday surprise. A Gremlin Grab From The Bag !!

    1. I wonder what TSA’s policy is for finding someone hiding in luggage? You just KNOW that someone has tried this in real life.

  3. Hey, Yeah! I found it entertaining! 😆

    1. Lucas is pleased that you found it entertaining! Snafu, not so much.

  4. Everyone may not agree with that. 😉

    1. Snafu is the only one who expressed dissatisfaction with the plan. He’ll get over by the next strip.

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