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Pesky Gremlins Comic – Fan Art

12 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic – Fan Art

  1. That’s pretty neat, RG!

    1. Thanks! ^_^

  2. I’m so glad you liked it, Howard! Not sure why you haven’t gotten more FanArt, but you sure deserve the recognition. Pesky Gremlins ROCK!

    1. Thanks RG! …and Lucas was very pleased with your portrayal.

  3. Very Cool!

    1. RG did a great job, didn’t he.

    2. Thanks so much! 🙂

  4. OK, I am going to do some “fan” art now. RG is one of my heroes and I have to emulate him. Is that the right word ? or should it have been emasculate him or eviscerate him…. ? I am feeling so vocabulary challenged. 🙂

    1. RG has been a great supporter of ours for some time, now. I would propose some Glymrye Tale fan art.

      As for “e” words, perhaps embellish, employ, or embezzle might suffice. Or my personal favorite: emulsify. But, I am not very good with “e” words, either.

    2. Thanks to all of you! Any FanArt is greatly appreciated! ^_^

  5. Jack of Gulls Comic

    The future’s so bright! I gotta wear shades!

    1. I love that song by Timbuk 3.

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