Pesky Gremlins Comic 481- Random Interlude 2

Random Interlude 2

Fubar, intimidated by the readers, fills Rob, the Computer Bug and stunt typist, in on the size of the audience that has stifled his typing.

12 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 481- Random Interlude 2

  1. I hope us Wombies count as people!

    1. I hope us Wombies count as people!

  2. Tongue firmly planted in cheek. We love you bud 🙂

    1. Tongue appropriately placed in cheek. Gremlins and giant insects are notoriously poor with numbers.

  3. Heheheheheh! Yeah, I think I’m in the double digit club myself…

    1. Fubar and Rob obviously disagree over what a large crowd is.

  4. Little gremlins are everywhere! 😉

    1. Yes they are. But, I wish that they would stay away from my computer!

  5. Jack of Gulls Comic

    No home row for this stunt.

    1. Rob, the computer bug’s appendage configuration might preclude him from using the classic “home row” typing technique.

  6. I’m proud to be a part of the Double-Digit Club (although I know it’s much larger than that!) ^-^

    1. I am certain that “Galactic Dragons” in at least in the triple digits club!

      We here at Pesky Gremlins don’t really know what our visitors numbers look like as the server stats seem to be broken. (I am certain that Lucas had something to do with it.)

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