Pesky Gremlins Comic – Backgrounds: Scenery

Strange as it may seem, I sometimes draw actual scenery that appears in backgrounds of Pesky Gremlins and other work.  Here are a few snips of scenery, prior to cutting and clipping.  The first one is a storm that I did for James Boyd of Sunny fame.  FYI, James has not run this story yet.  Anyway, here is the first pass done in pen and ink.  Not much to it, really.

Scenery Storm Clouds ink

It was then scanned into the computer and many layers were added.  Here it is with the first couple of passes with the airbrush tool.  The lightning has also been converted to white so as to stand out on the dark background layers.

Scenery Storm cloud layer

Here is the finished background storm with a lot more layers.  However, this was not the complete piece provide to James.  The completed piece had an airplane that I still needed to do.

Scenery Storm Clouds Illustration

And here is the spooky street crossing that recently appeared in the Halloween story.  This background was thankfully pretty quick to draw.  Once again, you can see that I was not sure where I was going to crop this image when I finished.

Scenery Spooky Street Corner

Finally, here is a mountain scene that I did for the INKTOBER Jonny Quest series.  Very little of this one made it into the final image.  This one was mostly done with pen, ink, and some wash.  However, it did get cleaned up and finished on the computer.

Scenery Mountains

6 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic – Backgrounds: Scenery

  1. Very nice backgrounds, and a lot of work. I take the easy route and just use photos when I can for sky and backgrounds.

    1. Thanks Peter. It is a little extra work but not that much. With the exception of that big storm, I can do one of these background scenes in about an hour.

  2. Nice!

    1. Thank you David! 🙂 🙂

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