Pesky Gremlins Comic Backgrounds: Other

Backgrounds: Other

Today we have several miscellaneous drawings/illustrations.  The first one is a very old drawing of an early locomotive.  I drew this so long ago that I forgot to note what kind of locomotive it is.  It was also drawn as an anonymous gift for a friend that I used to work with.  He was a big train enthusiast who’s desk was already filled with many other train pictures.  Not sure if I ever fessed up to drawing this, but I’m pretty sure that he has figured it out by now.

Baldwin Steam Engine Ink

Next is another train, a diesel engine.  The F7A engine was my sons’ favorite when they were in the “train” phase.  Here it is the black and white ink.

F7A Diesel Engine Train  Ink

And here is the quickly colored version.

F7A Diesel Engine Train Illustration

Last is Elmo’s daily driver, a purple AMC Gremlin.  While Elmo’s has some interesting and valuable cars in his garage, his daily driver might be a questionable choice.

AMC Gremlin illustration

4 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic Backgrounds: Other

  1. Yeah, from what I’ve heard, the AMC Gremlin was well named. The first car I ever drove was a Volkswagon Beetle. I imagine it’s still putt putting around somewhere to this day.

    I looked up that steam locomotive and it looks like an old Baldwin in operation back during the gold rush days.

    1. I usually record what machines I draw in some notes but that old locomotive was before I did that. Thanks RG for looking that up RG! I will add that little detail to the locomotive file. 🙂

  2. I still think that old style diesel engine is one of the best. I still have a train set with one of those.

    1. My sons have a train set with a diesel engine very much like the one above, too.

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