Pesky Gremlins Comic – Backgrounds: Jaguar V12

Backgrounds:  Jaguar V12

One of the things that started the Pesky Gremlins comic was my involvement in restoring an old Jaguar.  The first time that the hood (aka “bonnet”) was lifted, I was struck with how different this car was than any of the cars that I had previously worked on.  The engine was complex and immediately reminded me of a piston powered aircraft engine.  From there it wasn’t far or long until the gremlins showed up.

Here is what the Jaguar V-12 looks like:

Jaguar E-type V-12 engine photo

Before Pesky Gremlins started, I drew a couple of pictures of the mighty Jaguar V-12 engine.  Since I wasn’t drawing a cartoon at then, I took my time.

Jaguar E-type V-12 engine ink

Here is the second Jaguar V12 engine.

Jaguar E-type V-12 engine ink

I had a cartoon that needed an engine image earlier this year.  I didn’t really have the time to draw an engine to the level of detail as one of these, nor did I want one with a lot less, so I recycled and painted the one above and ended up with this:

Jaguar E-type V-12 engine illustration

I don’t think that I really saved a lot of time.

6 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic – Backgrounds: Jaguar V12

  1. A beautiful engine, but probably a lot of work to sync the four carbs. No to mention everything else. At least your drawing doesn’t need to be tuned up!

    1. I have done that job on one of these engines. Actually, several times. Syncing the carbs in not all that difficult if you have the right tools but it does take some patience.

      Also, I drew engine with the carbs already sync’ed, the engine with new filters and fluids, and leak free! So, you are right, it will never need a tune up.

  2. Dang! I think I do see four carburetors! Now I’m embarrassed about not being able to sync the two carbs in my MG midget (back in the day). Incredible illustrations man!

    1. It is interesting to see that several of you know about sync’ing carberators. I was beginning to think of that as a lost art.

      Thank you RG!

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