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Pesky Gremlins Comic – Backgrounds: Corvette

Backgrounds:  Corvette

The next subject that has showed up a lot in the background of Pesky Gremlins is the other car in the gremlin’s garage which is a classic Corvette.  This is supposed to be a 1967 Corvette with the biggest most powerful engine the Chevy offered that year.   I have been informed by real Corvette experts that I have actually drawn a 1963 or 1964 Corvette.   I, however, do not think this takes away from what a wonderful car the old Corvette was and is.

Why a Corvette?  First off, that car just looks great from any angle.  Second, the internet is just full of great source material.  I can do a google search and find one close to position I want quickly.

From the gremlins perspective, they are utterly indifferent to the Corvette.  They have sabotaged it a couple of times but nothing serious.  In 2016, they stole it with Slim, the plastic glow-in-the-dark skeleton and almost caught by the police.

Here are a few more:

Corvette illustration

Corvette illustration front view

Corvette  illustration Elmo

A Corvette in the background can almost make this guy look good.

13 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic – Backgrounds: Corvette

  1. Well done.

    1. Thanks David. I really enjoy drawing the Corvette. I have dozens of drawings of this car.

  2. There are a few slight differences in the 67: the side vents are different, as is the grill, and the rear had a reverse light added. All of the series 2 Vettes were very similar, though. Some very nice drawings.

    1. You are absolutely correct. My knowledgeable Corvette friend, who has a ’64, informs me that the vents behind the front wheels on the ’63 and ’64 are horizontal while the 67 has 7 vertical vents.

      You are a very Corvette knowledgeable yourself.

      1. I go to a fair number of car shows and run a few of car based websites.

        1. Car based websites? I would like to visit them! Please send or post the links.

        2. I have thousands of pics I haven’t yet posted, but I haven’t done much with these sites in quite a while.


        3. These sites are great! Lots and lots of excellent classic car pictures. I’ve spent too much time already on the Muscle Car Jungle site. I really liked the 20 Fastest Cars article and the Studebaker R2 pictures.

          Don’t be surprised if Elmo drives by in something from one of those sites 🙂

        4. I’m glad you enjoyed the sites.

  3. This is what we call ” Shelby Cobra Lunch “. Vette’s looked fast but Cobra’s ate them alive on a road course.

    1. The Shelby Cobras did do that… Much to the Corvette owners and GM’s consternation.

  4. Whoa! Coooool!

    1. They do look better when I don’t chop them up an stick them in the background.

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