Pesky Gremlins Comic 774 – Bug-B-Gone


Lucas executes his “100% Guaranteed” strategy to rid the gremlin’s home of Rob, The Computer Bug.  100% Guaranteed not withstanding, Lucas’ plan is based on a solid technological principle and stands a reasonable chance of success.

…and, Yes, Alexa did collaborate with Lucas and saw to the ordering and shipment of the Snootie’s fabulous new state-of-the-art computer system as anonymous Christmas gift (with some strings attached).

8 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 774 – Bug-B-Gone

  1. That was an excellent and devious plan!

    1. It doesn’t happen often, but Lucas does have his moments.

  2. Now that works!

    1. It is such an obvious plan. Why didn’t they think of this sooner?

  3. Ha! That’ll do, Lucas. That’ll do.

    1. It’s always surprising when one of the gremlin’s plans actually work.

  4. Well that was easy. I’m gunna miss that big guy

    1. The Computer Bug just went across the street. I am sure that we will hear from him again.

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