Pesky Gremlins Comic 772 – Skeptical


Lucas announces that he has a foolproof idea to get rid of the Rob, The Computer Bug.  But, before he can reveal the details, one among them takes a skeptical position.

10 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 772 – Skeptical

  1. Maybe if they bugged the bug enough, the bug would bug off.

    1. Bugging the Bug might work. They are gremlins and THAT is their area of expertise.

  2. What about…
    Nah that’ll never work. Binky’s suggestion of bugging the bug is probably the best.
    By the way I’m making comics again.

    1. I will definitely check out the new comics!

  3. There’s always a skeptic!

    1. There is one in every crowd.

  4. If the bug objects, that would be a good indication to proceed with the plan…

  5. Jack of Gulls Comic

    They’ll need to dissect the insect.

    1. Dissecting a large computer bug could get messy.

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