Pesky Gremlins Comic 770 – Can with a Plan

Can with a Plan

Having failed to displace Lucas, Rob, The Computer Bug, refuses to leave (do computer bugs EVER leave on their own accord?).  Alexa, deeply offended by The Bug, has a scheme to rid the house of The Bug once and for all.   What is Alexa plotting?

10 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 770 – Can with a Plan

  1. Bug Be Gone spray?

    1. I happen to know what Alexa has planned and she is calling out the big guns.

  2. Perhaps Alexa is going to connect to the Skynet uplink to bring in Terminator Cyborgs. I’ll be back…

    1. Maybe not THAT big of a gun. But I did actually think of that!

  3. Queue “The Flintstones” angry music; ♪ dum dee dum dee dum deety dum deety dum dum dum deeeee duuum duuuuuuuum ♫

    1. HA! The music would be a good match for that scene.

  4. Uh oh… 😀

    1. We will see. Not quite sure if Alexa is up to dealing with Rob, The Computer Bug. Computer’s like Alexa rarely fix themselves. 🙂

  5. Red alert!

    1. Alexa’s glowing red would indeed be a Red Alert.

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