Pesky Gremlins Comic 744 – Under the Cover

Under the Cover

Slim pulls the dust cover off to reveal his ghost selection.  While his selection is surprising it is not nearly as surprising as who first recognizes this famous ghost.


Here today’s spooky graveyard scene hidden under the comic strip:

Spooky Background Graveyard

6 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 744 – Under the Cover

  1. Snafu probably read it because he thought ham was involved.

    That graveyard picture looks like it was a lot of work, even if you did it in Blender.

    1. It is a mystery to all of us here at Pesky Gremlins as to how Snafu came to learn about Shakespeare. Our resident know-it-all, Lucas, finds Snafu’s new found depth most annoying.

      The graveyard was actually pretty easy. It is some free-bee tomb stone models and a few trees stuck on a bumpy surface. The grass is drawn by the computer and moon and sky were hand drawn. It only took a few hours.

  2. Now that is scary! (and thanks for letting us see the background).

    1. When in school, I always found Shakespeare to be a little scary.

      Most of the backgrounds for the rest of the Halloween story will be posted here. Glad that you liked this one!

  3. Personally not sure who was more surprised by Snafu knowing Shakespeare Slim or Lucas. Fubar seems to be surprised by life a lot so Snafu knowing wouldn’t be that much of a shock to him.

    1. Lucas, who likes to think of himself as the smartest guy in the room, was probably the most surprised to learn that Snafu was well versed in Shakespeare. You also hit the nail on the head when you said the “Fubar seems to be surprised by life a lot”. 🙂

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