Pesky Gremlins Comic 731 – Nothing to Spare

Nothing to Spare

Befuddled and frustrated by four tires suddenly going flat, Elmo believes that his situation has reached rock bottom.  However…

Here is a quick update on the latest Pesky Gremlins character being moved into the digital world.  I have been working off and on to get the Snafu model built and rigged.  As usual, I have ran into some technical problems (largely due to my lack of knowledge in this area).    The two most recent technical challenges were getting Snafu’s eyes to work.  Sparing you the technical details, I think that I solved that problem.  Here is a quick look at Snafu with actual eyes!

Snafu Render

The second problem I have yet to solve completely. It involves getting the facial model to generate expressions similar to what is drawn in the comic strip. Simply put, the Snafu computer model has a much more limited range of facial expression. I didn’t run into this issue when I did the Lucas model, but then again, Lucas is a much more reserved character. Of course, the issue might not be the model itself. It could be that I just haven’t spent enough time working with the new model to learn the it’s subtleties.

Anyway, here is Snafu taking his first shaky steps in the CGI world:

Snafu Render

4 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 731 – Nothing to Spare

  1. On a positive note, the one spare wasn’t going to help much anyway.

    Facial animation is difficult and it requires a lot of flexibility and control in the face mesh. . . which I don’t have with my characters.

    1. No, the spare would be of little use. It being flat was merely adding insult to injury.

      Facial animation and posing is indeed difficult to do. The facial mesh for Snafu definitely needs another revision!

  2. At least Worse isn’t taking all the credit!

    1. Worse gets plenty of credit as it is. 🙂

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