Pesky Gremlins Comic 728 – Dodging Bullets

Dodging Bullets

Elmo and the gremlins dodged a bullet when the infamous gremlin, Worse, abruptly left. Will Elmo’s flair for the dramatic draw more bullets?

Now that the gremlins are back to two days a week, I won’t have nearly as much time for doing the 3D work.   However, in this cartoon I did have a new 3D item show up.  It is the engine in the Corvette.  The engine is modelled after a real Corvette engine and has most of the things that you would see in a real Corvette of Elmo’s vintage.  The engine detail once again ran the computer out of memory when I tried to render the whole scene.  I then had the computer draw the engine separately and even then barely got it to fit in the computer’s memory.  Here is what the Corvette and its engine looked like before combining it with all of the other drawings and renderings:

corvette engine render

4 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 728 – Dodging Bullets

  1. He’s tempting fate once too often!

    That’s a very detailed engine bay, including a very realistic battery, and of course the ignition shield for those years. Did you also add the spark plug wires?

    1. Elmo sees as a simple rhetorical question.

      The engine bay has lots of details. Far more than needed but it was kind of fun to see how much I could squeeze in there. No spark plug wires in the scene. The engine bay already blows out my computer’s memory!

  2. Now they are a little nervous!

    1. They thought that they had just got rid of this guy.

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