Element of Doubt

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Pesky Gremlins Comic 651 – Element of Doubt

Element of Doubt

After Lucas walks back his plan from “make a companion” to simply hacking a phone, Snafu still has his doubts.

Today’s web page bonus image is something a little different.  I have recently moved from drawing the characters in pen and ink to doing inking on the computer.  The computer is MUCH faster AND has the CTRL-Z undo function.  Doing this has saved me a great deal of time in the process of creating each strip.  I still do the sketches with paper and pencil (for some reason I just can’t sketch on the computer).  Anyway, here is an example of the intermediate step of converting the pencil sketch, after its scanned into the computer, into a finished ink drawing.

sketch sketchbook

The blue is the pencil sketch. I didn’t use a blue pencil on these, I just converted the sketch to blue once it was in the computer. The inking was done in the conventional way by drawing on top of the blue pencil images and when finished, the blue pencil layers are hidden.

6 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 651 – Element of Doubt

  1. Well you have to admire his ambition, if not his abilities.

    Nice to see the process of your work. Those sketches have a lot of life.

    1. Lucas certainly has a lot of ambitious plans. We will see if his abilities are up to the task.

      My work process is pretty conventional. I have been attempting to make the character drawings a little more lively. Thanks for mentioning that!

  2. Never let a Gremlin near Siri!

    1. …but its already in the script!

  3. What could go wrong?

    The computer saves so much time but it still takes me sooooo long to get a panel done. Great drawings, man! These look finished even before the inking!

    1. Asking “What could go wrong?” to a gremlin is like saying Beetlejuice 3 times.

      Switching from pen and ink to inking on the computer has literally saved an hour or more for each strip. I still prefer the pen and ink but it just takes too long. You are too kind. I still think my pencil sketches look like scribbles compared to yours.

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