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Pesky Gremlins Comic 650 – Creative Type

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With his usual flair for the dramatic, Lucas announces his plan to break Elmo out of his work-related rut.   Actually calling it a plan might be overstating things a bit, more of a framework.  No, that’s not right.  A framework has at least a few details.  It’s really more of a concept that’s open to a horrible interpretation.

Today’s web page bonus image is another blast from the past.  This from about 5 years ago and is my very first attempt to add color to a pen and ink drawing with my newly acquired computer and it’s equally new art software.  At the time I was proud of this and viewed it as a real milestone accomplishment. Looking at it now, not so much.

Jaguar E-type XKE paint

Oh, and that is Lucas and Fubar with the avocado green paint. Lucas looked a lot different back then and all of the gremlins had some sort of tail thing going on. Fortunately, the tail thing has clear up.

6 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 650 – Creative Type

  1. What could go wrong with an acetylene torch in the kitchen and a plan to make a mechanical companion?

    That’s still a nice Jaguar drawing, though not nearly as good as your present one. The paint job, however. . .

    1. Listing all the things that could go wrong with just those two items could fill volumes.

      I almost passed on showing this old Jaguar drawing but I kind of liked the paint job.

  2. Now seems like a good time!

    1. I agree! On with the story.

  3. Yeah, telling this story now, will keep it from interfering with Slim’s story in October. Slim would never stand for that.

    I think the lighting effects on the car are amazing for a first attempt at computer coloring!

    1. Yes, Slim would be very disappointed if we started the October Halloween story without him. Although it might seem like we are jumping ahead, this isn’t an early start to Slim’s October story.

      Thank RG! The painting and lighting were all trial and error with the new art programs (Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint). I more or less stumbled into the “finished” product. Also, the avocado green paint slapped on by the gremlins covers my mistakes rather well.

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