Lowering the Bar

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Pesky Gremlins Comic 645 – Lowering the Bar

Lowering the Bar

Snafu reveals the secret to his publishing success to a painfully envious (and unpublished) Lucas.

Speaking of gremlins, today’s web page bonus images are from the beginnings of the Pesky Gremlins Comic.  As regular readers will recall, Elmo drives a purple AMC Gremlin as his daily driver.  The following image is the very first Gremlin done for Pesky purposes.  I would assume that this was the state of Elmo’s Gremlin when he first got it and prior to his fixing it up.

AMC Gremlin ink

Then next image is Elmo’s Gremlin after it has been fixed up. The dripping anti-freeze would also indicate the gremlins have also contributed their own efforts to the car. AMC Gremlin illustration Why the two cars? To show the contrast. These two drawings were done just a few months apart. The first drawing was done completely in pen and ink. The computer was just used to scan in the image and fill a few spaces. The second image was done when I decided to move the strip to color and began experimenting and learning Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop.

6 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 645 – Lowering the Bar

  1. If they can’t even figure out what side of the book the cover goes on, I guess they qualify as professional dummies!

    That’s quite a contrast between the two Gremlins. I also see that you changed the stripe and signal lights and grill and bumper, so I assume they were different year models as well.

    1. Actually, I can’t blame the Dummy Company for the book cover. I flipped the book cover to take the focus off the empty other side.

      Yes, the Gremlins are a little different. I liked the stripping of the Purple one better and i have never liked the “rubber baby buggy bumpers”, so off the came.

  2. The wheels are turning!

    1. I am sure that the wheels are turning in Lucas mind on how he too can get his own book published.

  3. I’m sure Lucas’ book will be on the far extreme opposite side of the spectrum (one way or another).

    Great bonus pics! I’ve always thought that a gremlin full of gremlins was wonderfully allegorical.

    1. Your insight serves you well! Lucas’ book would have to be a one-up on Snafu’s best seller “Insanely Dangerous Power Tools for Dummies”. But while Lucas gathers his thoughts and material, we will move on with another story. Considering that there was no script for this little series, it got pretty good mileage.

      Thanks RG! Might be time to bring the old Gremlins in a Gremlin up to current standards :).

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