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Pesky Gremlins Comic 644 – Green Eyed Monster Redux

Green Eyed Monster Redux

Much to Snafu’s disappointment, Lucas finally confronts his very own Green Eyed Monster.

Since today’s cartoon again contain Elmo’s Corvette in the background, I have found another Corvette for today’s bonus web page image.  This Corvette was done to a somewhat higher standard than the ones that show up in Elmo’s garage (no time constraint!).  For those unfamiliar with Corvette history, this is one of the 6 Grand Sport Corvettes that was produced to counter the Shelby Cobras.

grand sport corvette illustration

6 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 644 – Green Eyed Monster Redux

  1. Lucas needs to get his own book deal: A Dummies Guide to Dealing with Incompetents.

    A great pic of a great car! The colouring shading is excellent, especially on the headlights!

    1. Now there is a Dummy book I might be interested in looking at.

      Thanks! The Grand Sport Corvette took quite a bit longer to do than usual background stuff that show up here.

  2. He needs a hug!

    1. A hug would be just the thing but who hugs a gremlin?

  3. Poor Lucas…

    That bonus image is suh-weet!

    1. Lucas ego must be a great burden at this moment.

      I spent a lot more time on the bonus image than the cartoon. My priorities might be out of wack.

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