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Pesky Gremlins Comic 619 – Name the Cat

Name the Cat 

A cat showed up back in January in Pesky Gremlins Comic 562.

The cat was a last minute substitution.  Originally, there was going to be a big raccoon or possum sitting in the box but I changed it to a cat at the last minute.  That was supposed to be it.  But I drew the cat in several more frames and just like that, he became a character and the box/biplane story was rewritten so as to introduce the new character.  But that still left me with a problem: What should the cat’s name be?  Being an irresponsible namer of pets, I have decided to give you, the readers of Pesky Gremlins, the chance to name the cat.

Announcing the Name the Cat Contest!



5000 cents! *

A Pesky Gremlins Cartoon of your choosing printed on canvas (the perfect gift for an annoying relative!)
*For those bad with decimal points and currency exchange rates, 5000 cents = $50 U.S. Dollars

How to enter:

It couldn’t be easier!  Using your favorite communication method, just send me the suggested cat name.  The cat names will be entered on a first come first serve basis.  Enter as many names and times as you like.  I will post the names that I receive on the website so everyone can see.

I should point out that the following communications method will likely be successful:

Comment on the Pesky Gremlins Website (just scroll down)


Send me a comment or personal message on Twitter: @PeskyGremlins

Send me a message on Facebook: Elmo Glitch

Note that the following communications methods will likely be Unsuccessful:

Phone Calls – leave a message

Smoke Signals



Pony Express

Results will be announced on Monday, June 8.

In the mean time, I will be posting some cat cartoons to help you out with possible names.  I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Now, for today’s bonus web page image, I have, surprise, surprise, an alternative cat image!

This is the same ink as the cat image in the main cartoon but with different fur. I painted the fur in this version to look shinier. Perhaps a little too shiny. He kind of looks like he should be in a cat shampoo commercial or something. Finally, here is latest monster for Fox Layng’s Monster May – #MonsterMayi. Technically, it’s not a monster but close enough. This is the 1961 Peterbilt truck from the movie Duel. This is the original version before it got sliced and diced in order to fit on Twitter and Instagram.

1961 Peterbilt truck from the movie Duel illustration

10 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 619 – Name the Cat

  1. Great idea for a contest, H! Drawing a blank right now, but I’ll probably get back to ya!

    1. I know what you mean. I am a complete blank, too. Take your time and come up with some good names.

  2. I really like that truck and the rusty effect you used.

    Possible cat names:

    1. The rust was done with the airbrush tool in Clip Studio. It’s easy to do.

      OK, I have you down for the cat names. I kind of like the idea of a cat named “dog”. But Sprocket isn’t onboard.

  3. The truck looks really great.
    Not sure on the kitty yet!

    1. Thanks David! Cat names can be tough. Take you time.

  4. Felix
    Gizmo (hey, it is a gremlins cartoon after all!)

    1. Thanks Dan! I got you down for “Felix”, “Fred”, and “Gato”. Someone already entered “Gizmo”

  5. Possible cat names ….. Trouble ,Pest , Patches , Gears. I had a cat named Dog trained Dog to come when I whistled as well as walk on a leash .

    1. Thanks Jerome! I got you down for “Pest”, “Patches”, and “Gears” (someone else already has “Trouble”)

      I love the story about a cat named dog who behaves like a dog. Our cat will come when whistled for but would shred us if we tried the leash.

      Feel free to enter more names if you think of any.

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