The Short Straw

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Pesky Gremlins Comic 618 – The Short Straw

The Short Straw

Snafu drew the short straw and ended up having to work on the holiday.  As usual, he is doing his best to make a bad situation worst.

Today’s web page bonus image is still MORE monsters for Fox Layng’s Monster May – #MonsterMayi (when will this end!)   For the “Aliens Among Us” theme, could there be any other choice?

alien xenomorph ink

8 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 618 – The Short Straw

  1. Maybe Snafu will get double pay.

    Nice alien drawing!

    1. Shhh! we don’t want to have Snafu thinking about getting paid!

  2. We now know Snafu to be a company man.

    That drawing of the xenomorph is beyond cool, man!

    1. I am more than a little surprised that Snafu even showed up.

      Thanks! I finally broke down and got some new brushes and this popped out.

  3. Maybe Snafu will find some loose change.
    And that’s a great Alien drawing!

    1. There might be some loose change to be found.

      Thanks David!

  4. It will help Snafu build a good work ethic. Awesome work on the Alien

    1. Working on a holiday is one of those character building experiences that we all detest.

      Thanks for the comment on the Alien, Tony!

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