Pesky Gremlins Comic 604 – Forgetting Something

Forgetting Something

It just goes without saying that one should never bring a cat to a dogfight but bringing a forgetful cat is even worse.

Today’s web page bonus image originated way back in episode #220.  That was the first time Neeko the Flying Monkey appeared in the strip.  However, this image is from last year when Nikko was mugged in mid-air by an Amazoogle autonomous drone.

Nikko flying monkey

8 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 604 – Forgetting Something

  1. Time to use his secret weapon: claws!

    1. That zeppelin would make for a whale of a scratching post!

  2. Ah! I think Binky’s on to something there!

    Hehehe! Neeko, just flying along, minding his own business…

    1. Binky might have something there. No telling what might happen with a cat and a ginourmous balloon!

      This was one of Neeko’s few tranquil moments… just before he got mugged

  3. The Gunner has 9 Lives (And I am betting on the secret weapon too).

    1. That is looking to be a pretty good bet.

  4. Well enthusiasm certainly isn’t the tailgunner’s #1 quality

    1. He just needs the right motivation.

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