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Pesky Gremlins Comic 601 – It Sounds Bad

It Sounds Bad

At the controls of his aerial secret weapon, Snafu finally makes his appearance as the scheming Count Otto von Cordovan.

Today’s web bonus image is the full sized FluggerSlinky (sorry for the lack of umlauts).  I had to shrink it down considerably for it to fit in the cartoon frame.

zeppelin FluggerSlinky flying slinky

6 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 601 – It Sounds Bad

  1. The Slinky, the ultimate weapon of fear and destruction! Also a fun toy.

    1. Fear the FluggerSlinky but buy the toy.

  2. Oh Ho! I wonder if it has a weakness for walking down stairs…

    1. Actually, that might be one of its strong points. But they would need to be extremely large stairs.

  3. Let’s hope his box doesn’t collapse!

    1. You are absolutely right! That box is starting to look a little saggy.

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