Pesky Gremlins Comic 570 – Cats Still in the Bag

Cats Still in the Bag

The gremlins seem to be having some difficulties getting the cat out of the bag.

9 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 570 – Cats Still in the Bag

  1. That feline has s different definition of the word home.

    1. Yes, the cat may have done just what Lucas told him and went home.

  2. Kitty is so comfy though!

    1. Perhaps, too comfortable for Snafu.

  3. Maybe the cat thinks the Jaguar is its mother.

    1. Good eye! I didn’t really think that there was enough of the car visible to identify it, but that is a Jaguar that the kitty cat is lounging on.

      1. Far more than enough to ID the car!

  4. Jack of Gulls Comic

    They upstage all with an “I don’t care attitude.” I’d call it: “Cattitude”.

    1. “Cattitude” is the perfect word for that!

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