Pesky Gremlins Comic 528 – Meet the Mummy

Meet the Mummy

Slim seems to have lost control of the narrative of this year’s story as Snafu attempts to puzzle out what type of mummy they are confronting.

(Hint: the mummy is drawn in black and white)

6 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 528 – Meet the Mummy

  1. Or maybe he’s a Halloween costume type mummy that escaped from Walmart.

    1. That would be much better than the lethargic type.

  2. Svenghoulie’s been playing the old black and white vesions of the mummy this month on METV (free tv). Not cable around here but some might call it disreputable. Still, I do like retro television. XD

    1. Snafu’s rant not withstanding, I watch Svenghoulie, too. But I haven’t caught any of the Mummy movies yet. I need to look into when they come on.

  3. Maybe a friendly mummy!

    1. Maybe, he is certainly not scary.

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