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Pesky Gremlins Comic 495 – Interruptions


Gremlins just hate to be interrupted when they are in the middle of their Spring sabotage routine, even if its for the delivery of their Ultimate Universal Remote Control.

12 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 495 – Interruptions

  1. A saboteur’s work is never done. Especially if you’re a professional Gremlin.

    1. Fubar, as well as Snafu and Lucas, wish to express their thanks. It’s nice to be acknowledged by your peers.

  2. That’s why they have a smart phone app for the ring doorbell camera.

    1. Elmo hasn’t purchased one of those doorbell cameras, yet. When he does, it could be an interesting gremlin story!

  3. Oh! I thought they had rigged the doorbell to go off in the car! 😆

    1. Lucas now upset that he didn’t think of that.

  4. It’s a surprise!

    1. Not to us. We know that its Beanie the delivery drone. Although, there might be a question as to what is in that package…

  5. It’s in Murphy’s Lawbook!

    1. Curse Murphy’s Lawbook! On completely unrelated topic, Murphy would have be a good gremlin name!

  6. Jack of Gulls Comic

    I’m surprised there wasn’t some awesome 80’s hair metal blaring while working on a muscle car.

    1. There is a radio in the garage, so there probably was some music in the background while Fubar “worked” on the the old Corvette.

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