Spring Thaw

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Pesky Gremlins Comic 464 – Spring Thaw

Spring Thaw

While Winter may linger on a little longer, Sprocket has kicked off the Spring thaw for Snafu.

10 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 464 – Spring Thaw

  1. A happy dog can brighten any day.

    1. A loyal pet, like Sprocket, can cheer up the gloomiest days.

  2. Good ole Sprocket brings back the color! ^_^

    1. Sprocket does seem to add color to this strip. 🙂

  3. Jack of Gulls Comic

    “somewhere, over the rainbow….”

    1. Sprocket added many of that rainbows colors back!

  4. Dogs are just so special. I love my dog too.

    1. I can’t (and would not) argue with that. Give Frannie a pat on the head, or better, yet a dog treat from me.

  5. Pets truly make everything better! Although even as I write this, my cat is on my lap and trying to prevent me from tying, haha! He’s still awesome.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. They can even cheer up grumpy old Snafu.

      I have a cat that does the same thing. It is really inconvenient when he jumps in my lap while I am inking a cartoon (smeared india ink is the worst!). But it hard to be angry with him.

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