Pesky Gremlins Comic 426 – Into the Woods

Into the Woods

Snafu tries several ploys to lure Lucas away from his video game and out into the isolation of the dark woods so that the hired werewolf can scare him.


Lizard man sentry.  From Jonny Quest’s very first episode “The Mystery of the Lizard Men

Jonny Quest Mystery of the Lizardmen Sentry

8 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 426 – Into the Woods

  1. Finally a plan with a chance

    1. Sometime it take a little while to come up with a workable plan.

  2. It can be difficult to manipulate a character with a one faceted personality…

    1. Or tear someone away from a video game.

  3. What could go wrong? 😉

    1. We had a list going for what could go wrong, but we ran out of paper.

  4. A chocolate truck just lost its load! Well, that would get me, at least.

    1. That would be a good motivator! Wish that Snafu had thought of that one!

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