Catching Up 1

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Pesky Gremlins Comic 387 – Catching Up 1

Catching Up 1

After being abruptly disconnected from Tech Support, Lucas dials back a second time and is reconnected… in several senses of the word.

10 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 387 – Catching Up 1

  1. What ? he didn’t ride back to earth bareback on a nuclear bomb over Russia yelling whoopee kai yay ? Shades of Slim Pickens in Dr Strangelove. 🙂

    1. No nuclear bombs here. And the plane is still in friendly airspace. Although dropping Buster like that might be viewed as an act of war!

      The “enormous” plane here, is a B-36 and was likely the ultimate gremlin play ground.

  2. Do Gremlins bounce?

    1. Do you mean like the abominable snowman on the Rudolph Christmas show? No they don’t bounce. They have more of a Wile E Coyote reaction to falls. They are pretty durable but it still hurts when they hit the ground. They also find slipping and falling off of an airplane HUGELY embarrassing.

      1. Yes, I meant like the Abominable Snowman!

        1. That’s what I thought. In fact, I even considered having the gremlin and the abominable snowman falling together. But that seemed just a little too random. 🙂

  3. Brings a tear to the eye . . .

    1. Gremlins get misty over the strangest things.

  4. ‘sniff’ ? s-such nostalgia… ‘honk’

    1. And people say that the Call Center Tech Support types have no feelings!

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