Pesky Gremlins Comic 366 – Angry Birds

Angry Birds

After eluding the first dive-bombing grackle, Sprocket gives the remaining grackles a healthy raspberry further angering the remaining squadron of birds.

10 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 366 – Angry Birds

  1. Never ever open your mouth while facing up at a bunch of poop prone birds.

  2. Shouldn’t have done that while the birds are still in range!

    1. Sprocket thought that the birds were out of “ammo”

  3. They don’t give up easily!

    1. Just like the real grackles who mess up my car!

  4. Rotten grackles… >:-C

    1. They are rotten to the core. GRRR.

  5. I know I said this before, but nice bird’s eye view! Also a little frightening for our heroes, haha!

    1. Thanks Dana! The varied camera angles a little new to me. I appreciate the encouragement.
      This also marks the first time anyone has ever referred to Elmo as a “hero”. 🙂

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