Pesky Gremlins Comic 315 – Hollywood Squares

Hollywood Squares

After discovering that he has traveled to attend an interview that will ultimately be conducted over Skype, Elmo now learns that his job interview will be of a non-traditional nature.

10 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 315 – Hollywood Squares

  1. I’m interested in what Interviewee 23 has to say…or answer for that matter. “What’s the compensation plan like? Do you have coffee-IV’s? What about PTO?”

    1. Ha, you found Kenny interviewing for another job. Since you asked, Amazoogle offers generous compensation plans with opportunity for annual bonus! Free caffeine, which can be ingested orally, intravenously, and soon through suppository! The job starts with 2 weeks PTO, but Kenny would need to be available to work during that time. But first, Kenny must make it through Amazoogle’s rigorous interview process.

      On a more interesting note, what will Leo say when he finds out that Kenny is interviewing??

  2. Just shoot me now !! I’ve heard of cattle calls and belt gauntlets, but that Skype Cluster Bomb is inhuman.

    1. Believe it or not, Group interviews are a real thing. I did not make this up (however, I did exaggerate just a little)

  3. Let’s see; #1 looks like she’s trying to get a date, #2 just walked into a telephone pole, Hang in there, Elmo! #4 looks hungover, #5 forgot what the call was about, #6 thinks it’s a confirmation of employment, #7 isn’t sure if he wants to get involved in all this, #8 is looking for Amazoogle’s leader, #9 tried to take a selfie and hit the wrong button, #10 gave up and threw the phone back over his head, #11 is a good egg that just wants someone to help him off that wall, #12 just wants a position on the late night shift, #13 wants a position where she can spread the misery, #14 thought he was signing on to ‘Match makers”, #15 is number 8’s second in command, #16 is wondering if playing the role of granny on ‘Looney Tunes” looks good on her resume, #17 was chewing on his pencil and swallowed the eraser, #18 fancies himself as ‘The Shadow’, #19 dropped the phone, #20 left the phone in their pocket, #21 was bar hopping with number 4, #22 is actually an innocent bystander that number 22 threw their phone at, #23 is trying to set up for witness protection, and #24 is trying to figure out the keyboard of his smart phone. Yep… real professional looking bunch… 🙄

    1. My hat is off to you RG! I think you spent about as much time writing up the “Hollywood Squares” as I did drawing it. I should also point out that I spent WAY too much time drawing those characters. I have never had to come up with that many different faces before. My personal favorite is #2 (just walked into a telephone pole)

  4. Sounds like a real free for all. Why not just let them all fight it out themselves and hire the winner? Skype Survivor.

    1. Shhhh! You are giving away too much of the plot line!

  5. This will get interesting!

    1. Going where no job interview has gone before! (and probably shouldn’t)

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