Pesky Gremlins Comic 314 – Small Detail

Small Detail

Elmo missed a small but crucial detail related to his upcoming job interview.

10 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 314 – Small Detail

  1. Maybe he can skype from the other room.

    1. Fortunately, Elmo still has his cell phone, so he can Skype his way to the interview.

  2. Skype it? skip it !! What a rip. He fought his way there from lower Slobovia, overcoming TSA Philistines and losing his baggage. Give the little guy his interview you Bezovian Cretin. 🙂

    1. Oh, Elmo will get his interview but it will be over Skype.

      …and Amazoogle will not reimburse him for the travel expenses!

  3. That’s a rather big glitch for little Glitch.

    1. Indeed! Elmo should have read his interview email more carefully. OR… was it gremmatically altered?

  4. Wallabees, jeans, black sport coat, and a man bun… ummmm… what was the job Elmo’s interviewing for? Whatever it is, I suspect this fellow to be a large distraction to it. 🙄

    1. Your suspicions are also entirely justified. 🙂

  5. I’m a little leery of someone named “Stygian”! Beware, Elmo!

    1. A guy named “Stygian” working for a giant tech corporation, how bad could it be?

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