Pesky Gremlins Comic 288 – Baggage Odyssey 3

Baggage Odyssey 3

Baggage beware!  Nickel and Dime Airline’s gorillas with bad attitudes break out the heavy machinery to load the luggage onto the airliner.

13 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 288 – Baggage Odyssey 3

  1. Where there is a bulldozer there is a way!

    1. I would say it slightly differently – Where there is a bulldozer, a way can be made.

  2. I guess that’s a monkey-dozer as there doesn’t seem to be any bulls around.

    1. Ha HAAAAAAAAAAAA Hahahahahahahaha!

    2. That is utterly irrefutable logic.

  3. It makes sense that one third of the workers actually knows whats going on…

    1. The one third loves to tell the others that they are doing it wrong.

  4. It’s Tonka madness !! Best toys ever !!!

    1. Tonka toys were pretty great toys.

  5. Where I work dozing on the job isn’t allowed. In the 2nd panel the dozer driver looks less than impressed. I’m sure he’s thinking “I’ll show these monkeys how it’s done”
    Fantastic bulldozer drawing too H

    1. First off, thank you very much for the complement on the bulldozer. I haven’t done one of those detailed drawings for a while and the dozer was a good excuse to do one.
      Second, if that’s the kind of dozing that they do where you work, I understand why it isn’t allowed.
      Finally, the gorilla in the second frame was a pose that I found on the internet of a real gorilla. Of course the real gorilla wasn’t wearing airport safety gear.

  6. The more this story progresses the more I’m convinced that this is how baggage handlers really treat our luggage

    1. Me too. From my personal experience, your concerns are well founded.

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