Pesky Gremlins Comic 287 – Baggage Odyssey 2

Baggage Odyssey 2

Snafu meets Nickel and Dime Airline’s not-so-gentle baggage handling staff.

12 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 287 – Baggage Odyssey 2

  1. Gorilla Baggage Handlers ? Seriously, you are going to get some nasty mail from the Gorilla Union for stereotyping their membership. You’ve already previously agitated the Flying Monkey Lobby. You got some splaining to do.

    1. You mean that old American Tourister commercial WASN’T true?

  2. I bet they are friendly!

    1. You probably shouldn’t have made that bet.

  3. Hopefully Snafu has brought a helmet. And some padding.

    1. Unfortunately for Snafu, the only padding he has is that which Elmo packed for his business trip. It could be kind of Ouchy.

  4. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no… ‘SMACK’ ‘BANG’ #$%&@*!!!

    1. There will likely be a lot of ‘SMACK’ ‘BANG’ #$%&@*!!!

  5. I think all will be ok as Gorillas are highly gentle intelligent creatures.
    Or perhaps not. I’ve been wrong before

    1. I meant highly intelligent gentle creatures. I’m not sure how you be highly gentle

  6. And now I’m even more concerned for the puppy

    1. Gorillas evidently can be both gentle and brutal. I spent a little time scanning the internet for good gorilla poses and found lots of both.

      It will take more than gorillas and the coming obstacle to get that puppy.

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