Career Opportunities

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Pesky Gremlins Comic 173 – Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Elmo is presented with an intriguing career opportunity. of those career opportunities that he can't refuse.

Here is the cartoon that was supposed to be posted Monday.  The technical issues that prevented me from posting that cartoon, have been (mostly) resolved.   For those with technical inclinations, the laptop got clobbered by a combinations of patches from different sources which conveniently showed up at about the same time.  The network storage device had its ethernet connector go bad (I blame the cat).  The ceiling fan lost a bearing and I don’t know or care about the can opener.

6 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 173 – Career Opportunities

  1. For a man that lives with a bunch of gremlins you sure don’t seem to appreciate the fact that you are living on the edge of the “Hell Mouth”. I’d be surprised that anything works as expected. For crying out loud, HIDE THE SCREWDRIVERS !!

    1. Drawing a cartoon about gremlins is sort of like thumbing your nose at Fate. Its great fun until Fate notices and gives you a good SMACK. Actually, I am thankful that the situation was not worse. I have had MUCH worse (and have the pictures to prove it).

      Oh, and the tools, including the screwdrivers, are all locked in a tool chest in the garage. (This doesn’t seem to help much) 🙂

  2. Don’t you know that Gremlins are excellent lock-pickers? You only think the tools are locked…

    1. Good point! I had not thought of them covering their tracks like that. At least one of them can be very sneaky like that.

      1. Well it’s either that or my dust bunnies and your gremlins are in cahoots.

        1. Your Dust Bunnies working with the gremlins is a scary possibility.

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